Rifle 5.56 mm INSAS (Fixed Butt)
Accurate lightweight rifle, compact and handy, suitable for terrestrial and maritime assignments.

Gas-operated rifle can fire in single shot and three round burst (TRB) for conservation of ammunition. A simple action of lever change allows selection of single shot, TRB and safe position.

Additional mechanical safety is provided by means of safety sear and built-in delay in breech mechanism.

Easy to assemble and dismantle, chrome-plated barrel and chrome-plated pin firing ensures maintenance free long life.

Compatible with NATO standard ammunition 5.56 x 45 mm SS 109, M 193.

Quick mounting of Passive Night Sight/ Daylight Telescope.

Stock, Pistol Grip and Hand Guard made of impact resistant plastic in leaf brown colour.

Magazines are made of translucent UV stabilised polycarbonate Resin.

Multipurpose bayonet functions as Saw, Wire cutter, Bottle opener, Knife, Screw driver, Hammer and Dagger.

Eliminator Flash is designed to adopt Blank firing attachment.

Block gas and grenade sight provided for firing multimode grenade and M-36 grenade.

Provision of mounting of 40 mm under Barrel Grenade Launchar.

Provision of fitment of Day light Telescope and passive night sight.
Calibre (mm) 5.56

Muzzle Velocity (m/s)


Length of Rifle (mm)


Without Bayonet 960

With Bayonet


Weight of Rifle (Kg)
Without Magazine & Bayonet

Effective Range (m)


Range for Grenade (m)
Multi Mode
M 36


Magazine Capacity (Rounds) 20
Cyclic Rate (Rounds/min) 600 to 650
Trigger Pull (Kg) 2.10 to 4.00
Recoil Enegry (Joules) 4.43
Rifling. 6 grooves R.H
1 in 200 mm.
Sight Fore sight : Post Type
Rear sight : Aperture type
Type of fire Single, 3 Round Burst
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